Service Production

As well as developing and producing original IP, Gold Star offers two options for production companies desiring to shoot in Canada – service production and international co-production.

Production services are for Both European and US projects with a completed script, attached finance and marquee cast. Gold Star will provide choices for key creatives with the convenience of a professional production team and competitive tax credits on Canadian labor. Full-service includes location scouting, administration of the Canadian tax credits, work permits and staffing of the production.  

A co-production with Gold Star provides the opportunity to combine both financial and creative resources in proportional ratios for the benefit of an international product. In order to qualify for an official treaty co-production, there is an extra level of requirements including Canadian distribution, a proportion of key creatives, shared copyrights and a minimum contribution of 20% from the minority partner.  Early evaluation of projects in the development stage is key in order to plan for adequate preparation time, legal and finance.